Plumbing and other service repair rates can be discussed with a free and personal phone consultation (503-351-7162). I can provide a billing estimate based on your problems and needs. I will give you as detailed and accurate an estimate as possible with a phone consultation, eliminating the need for an estimator to visit your home to determine the cost of repairs. We can work to together to ensure quality and affordable repairs and home improvements.

Some Basic Charges:

Hourly Rate for all services provided – $55.00 (1 hour minimum)
*outside Salem area, additional charge may apply- please ask

Plumbing drain cleaning snake charges- (one time charge per visit)*

Closet auger- $5.00 – (plugged toilets)
Hand snake- $6.00 – (plugged bathroom sinks, bathtubs)

Small electric snake- $15.00 -(plugged bathroom sinks, laundry drains, floor drains)
Large electric snake- $20.00 -(plugged kitchen sinks, laundry sinks)
Sewer snake- $35.00 -(plugged sewer, main building drain)

*(These are examples of possible snake uses, however the snake needed may vary according to the problem.)

Materials and Supplies- to be determined per job